Terms and Conditions:
We are happy to rent out our houses to our guests, but we want to make some notes in

We ask you to treat our people with respect, the manager, the cleaners and the residents of
Cerny Dul, as well as guests who come after your stay:
– arrival time on Saturday, between 15 – 18 hours.
– departure time, Saturday before 10 am.
If you arrive or want to leave at another time, please consult the manager.
– leave the broom clean on departure; tableware, cutlery etc. clean in the cupboards.
– please report damages and / or defects upon arrival or during your stay, so that the
manager can fix this.
– The waste can be put in the container at the house. The container must be placed on the
street once a week and will be emptied. Paper, glass, plastic, textiles must be separated and
put in the relevant containers at restaurant Posta 200 meters.

The Giant Mountains are a walking paradise, also for your dog. Guests who want to bring
their dog, we kindly ask you to take into account guests arriving into the house after you:
# ventilate the house regularly and properly throughout your stay
# bring a blanket or basket – it’s strictly prohibited to let the dog on the beds or the couches
# clean up after your dog
# remove all hairs from the carpet

We do not want to ban smoking, but do this outside.

Foreign Police:
At 1 January 2017: there is a new migration law in the Czech Republic: all tourists must be
digitally registered via a Portal at the foreign police in Prague. This is important in case of a
calamity. Therefore we ask you to fill in the list we sent you via email with your details –
passport or identity number of all guests (including all children) is very important.
We would like to receive this list together with the remaining payment, so that it is checked
in time and can be sent along with the travel documents.