General information:

What to bring: Single fitted sheet, duvet cover, bath/kitchen towels.
Car: motorway vignette, proof of insurance, valid passport/ID card (all guests, including babies!).
 Alarm: 112.
WIFI/Internet code : see travel documents.
Bank/ATM : at Hall Info Center Cerny Dul (within 100 meters of the houses)
CZK 1 = € 0.042 / CZK 1000 = € 42 / CZK 1500 = € 63
Electricity: 220 volts
Sandwiches: Bistro Svanda (within 100 meters of the houses / fill in the form)
Phone: Netherlands: 0031… / to Czech Republic 00420…/ nach Deutschland 0049…..

Tourist registration:

All tourists must be registered in the Czech Republic through a portal. After the final payment (6 weeks before departure), we ask you to fill in a list including your passport/ID number (mandatory in the EU, including small children). This list is checked, sent to Prague and the approved list is sent with the travel documents. On site, the list must be signed by each guest (children: their parents) and given to the manager. Svemico must show this signed list when checked.
City tax: CZK  30 per day. (over 18 years old only). Children: CZK 0.
Additional costs for service and energy: part for Svemico and part for guests.
Bij elektrische auto’s of scootmobiels wordt energie naar verbruik gerekend.
We advise tenants to take out travel and cancellation insurance.
If canceled before 6 weeks before departure, Svemico will retain 25% (= down payment).
In case of cancellation within 6 weeks before departure, Svemico will retain 100% of the rent.
  • 3 – 6 pm
  • Deposit : € 150 or CZK 4000
  • Defect:  Please report all inconveniences, defects, problems, etc. to the manager on arrival or during your stay, so that we can remedy them for you and for the following guests.
Rubbish bin: would you like to place the rubbish bin on the main road in the morning and put it back at the end of the afternoon. 1 x per week, which day?: see card in the house. Please separate waste: paper, glass, plastic, please take it to the containers.
departure :
Before 10 am for final cleaning (next guests can arrive at 3 pm)
leaving the house clean; garbage in garbage bin outside; clean dishes in cupboards; switch off the refrigerator and leave the door open; report breakage and defective items to the manager.
Smoking: In our houses it is forbidden to smoke. This can be done outside, on the terrace, under the roof or in the garage.
Dogs: are allowed under certain conditions, maximum 2. The gardens are completely fenced and the dogs can roam freely. Would you like to remove the dog’s poop from the garden and ventilate the house when you leave?
  • Normal: 90 km, Autobahn 130 km, Built-up 50 km
  • During the day: lighting always on.
  • Alcohol: strictly prohibited in traffic, high fines for violation!
  • Winter: winter tires + snow chain. Roof and bonnet must be free of snow. 
  • Winter sports: do not park too close to the houses because of snowfall and ice from the roofs. Park at your own risk!
Vignette: online
which highways? see:
Vignette: only motorway towards Prague, not Liberec to Cerny Dul.
Route Almelo-Cerny Dul: 820 km (8-10 hours):
Almelo – A30/35 Oldenzaal – A30: Osnabruck / Bad Oeynhausen – A2 Hanover / Braunschweig/Magdeburg – A14: Halle/Leipzig/Dresden – A4: Dresden/Bautzen – Bautzen: 3rd exit (90) Lobau (6) – Zittau (  6 /178n) – Liberec (Reichenbach: 178n/35) – Turnov/Jicin (35/E442) – Nova Paka (16/ Trutnov ) – Vrchlabi (16) – Vrchlabi (293) –  Vrchlabi (295: along Lidl + Kaufland) – Lanov (14/ Trutnov)  – Cerny Dul (297) – Cerny Dul, center, at info center, house: Cerny Dul 38 + 259 ( Opposite church and behind info center) 
On arrival or 15 minutes before arrival you can also contact the manager, mr. Call Hula and meet at the house or on the market square or at the information center. Mobile: 00420722200019
family Weenink,
phone 0031(0)546829641
mobile: 0031640279093 or 0031642664094